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Latest Crypto Airdrops – August 2019

wdt_ID Company Currency Free Tokens Value USD Added Ending Registration Referral Airdrop Link
1 Rewards Token RWRD 20 RWRD 10 - 20 USD 08/05/2018 27/06/2018 1 Easy YES
2 BeepBeep Nation EMN 20 EMN 10 - 60 USD 08/05/2018 30/06/2018 1 Easy YES
3 Typerium TYPE 100 - 100000 TYPE 100 - 150 USD 07/05/2018 30/06/2018 1 Easy YES
4 DirectHome DIREC 7 DIREC 20 - 50 USD 07/05/2018 29/06/2018 1 Easy YES
5 Brickblock BBK TBA 10 - 50 USD 06/05/2018 29/06/2018 1 Easy YES
6 Bob's Repair BOB 20 BOB 50 - 100 USD 05/05/2018 28/06/2018 1 Easy YES
7 Laxmi Coin LAXMI 20 LAXMI 10 - 80 USD 04/05/2018 21/06/2018 2 Medium YES
8 StockChain SCC 5 SCC 10 - 40 USD 03/05/2018 21/06/2018 1 Easy YES
9 SpringRole SPRING 110 SPRING 15 - 120 USD 03/05/2018 20/06/2018 1 Easy YES
10 LibertyLance LTN 10 LTN 10 - 60 USD 03/05/2018 19/06/2018 1 Easy YES

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What is Crypto Airdrop?

Many Blockchain and crypto firms distribute free tokens to the community in order to gain their product visibility and also to expand their business outreach. This giveaway of free crypto tokens is called Airdrop. However, there is another aspect of it. Before you get a token for free you need to do some tasks, be it joining their telegram Group or Channel, following them on social media, or an article for a webpage. It is like a pre-requisite for getting the particular airdrop. It varies from project to project. 

What are all actions do I need to perform to get the free coins?

As said earlier, it varies from a crypto project to project. Some will simply ask you to join their telegram channel or register on their site, some will ask you to follow and retweet their one of the post, or post on your Facebook wall. Some projects will also ask to post on forums such as BitcoinTalk or even write a Blog Post about them. BitcoinTalk is one of the oldest and most active forum to discuss Bitcoin & crypto projects. We will recommend you to signup for BitCoinTalk forum if you want to stay ahead of the game.

What are the requirements for getting Free Coins through Airdrops?

The first and foremost thing is to ensure to have a wallet where the BlockChain Project will forward the free coins. Most of the Airdrops are based on Etherum BlockChain System and for this, you need ERC-20 (Ethereum Request for Comment)  wallet where you can store your airdropped free crypto coins. MetaMask or MyEtherWallet are two most popular ERC20 wallet. Visit their site and create a wallet, note down your Wallet address, safely save your private keys and never and ever SHARE your private keys with anyone.

Never enter your Crypto Exchange Ethereum Address to receive Airdrops tokens like Binance, Bittrex etc. It’s not going to work.
  1. A Telegram Account ( Most of the Crypto Projects will ask you to join their official telegram Channel in order to qualify for getting free crypto coins and tokens. Don’t leave the Telegram accounts until you receive the coin in your Ethereum Wallet or you risk disqualification for the airdrop.
  2. A Twitter Account ( Now, many of the Airdrops will ask you to follow them or retweet their post in order to qualify for their airdrops. So, make sure you’re active there.
  3. An Email Address: You definitely need an active email account as many of times you Crypto Projects will ask for it and you need to verify it as well. We’ll recommend you to create a separate email account for the Crypto Airdrops so that you can easily track all of them.

Do these Airdrops have any value?

Just because you got it for free, it doesn’t mean that Airdrops are worthless. As said earlier, Airdrops are the free crypto tokens that are rewarded to you by Crypto Startups. These crypto tokens have a value of their own. We are still at the early stage of cryptocurrencies and who knows the coins you got today in Airdrops may worth a lot later in future. Byteball, Stellar Lumens, and NEM are the popular Airdrops so far.

How to Check Balance of ERC-20 Wallet?

Usually, it takes around a month or two after the end of Airdrop before you receive your free tokens and coins. You’ll be notified either on their telegram channel or via mail once the airdrop coins distributed. To check your wallet info if the airdrop token has appeared in your wallet yet, simply go to Etherscan ( and type in your ETH address (ERC-20 Wallet Address) into the search box.

Did Bitcoin ever give away free coins?

Yes. In the early days of Bitcoin, there was a ‘Bitcoin Faucet’, which gave away 5 Bitcoins per visitor. This was essentially a Bitcoin Airdrop. Click this WIKI link to know more.

Why do Companies giveaway free Cryptocurrencies through Airdrops?

First and foremost thing Marketing for their new project or token. As mentioned airdrops are usually scheduled Pre-ICO so that they can spread the awareness about their token. They get a good user-base in dirt cheap in exchange for the tokens that are worth next to nothing. So, it’s a WIN-WIN situation for both the parties. You get free tokens that may worth a lot in future and BlockChain companies raise awareness for their projects. Usually, the 1% of total coins volume is dedicated to Airdrops and similar campaigns.

The second thing is since all the social channels(Facebook, Twitter) and search engines (Google, Bing) have blocked the Cryptocurrencies ads, BlockChain startups and companies don’t have any other effective way other than doing Airdrops to raise awareness and get the users on board. So, we’ll see a lot of companies doing airdrops and you may find gems in between some scam shitty airdrops. We at do our best to cover up only the best and genuine Crypto Airdrops. Stay subscribed to our channels so that you don’t miss any update on free money.

Where Can I sell my Airdropped tokens?

The Short answer is Crypto Exchanges but most of the airdrops are held by new projects so it may take some time to get listed on Exchanges. Usually, airdrops are scheduled Pre-ICO so that they can create awareness about their project or token. If any Airdrop token is listed then just use the portals like My Ether Wallet (MEW) and access through MetaMask or Ledger Nano, you can also access the wallet by pasting your private keys but that’s not recommended. Once you login to your wallet, select the token you want to withdraw and send it to your exchange token address.

How do I keep my Cryptocurrency safe?

The best and safest way to store your cryptocurrencies in the offline hardware such as Ledger Nano S and in case if a particular token is not available on those cold storages, then it’s recommended to store in the wallet where you completely control your Private Keys. Make sure you have got a printed copy of your private keys and keep it in a safe place.

  • Never Send your Private Keys: Private Keys are not at all required to get the Crypto Airdrops. They just need your Public ERC-20 Wallet Address. If you need to just check balance, use the service like
  • Don’t Send any money to any Address: Always remember, Crypto Airdrops are free so never send any amount of token to any given address.
  • Don’t use your Primary mail address to apply for Crypto Airdrops.
  • Never the use same password when registering on crypto project’s portals.